News icon Senior Scholar Reflection: Lauren Turcotte Seavey

The senior year of college is a tipping point in perspective — a lot to look forward to (and figure out) and a lot of accomplishments and growth to look back on. Perhaps there’s no better time to ask a Scholar about the Mitchell Institute’s impact than on the cusp of completing college. That’s why we put the question to Lauren Turcotte Seavey, the 2019 Mitchell Scholar from Bangor High School, who is in the final semester of earning a degree in Sociology with minors in Graphic Design and Marketing at the University of Maine. In these three Senior Scholar Reflection videos (recorded in Buchanan Alumni House two hours before her Macro Economics final), Turcotte Seavey talks about how it felt to receive Maine’s premier college scholarship, why she has availed herself of the Institute’s array of events, and why she aspires to support Scholars long after graduation.

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