News icon The 2022–2023 Mitchell Institute Annual Report

Thanks to support from our many loyal donors, the past year was one of tremendous progress and momentum at the Mitchell Institute.

Perhaps chief among our accomplishments in service to Mitchell Scholars was the return to in-person programming for our signature events, including the Welcome Celebration, MILE I Weekend, and several on-campus receptions, where Scholars built connections with university leaders and Institute staff.

What’s more, we took the bold step of committing to expand the number of Mitchell Scholarships we offer by 20, allowing us to select 166 Mitchell Scholars in 2023. This expansion is part of a plan to continue to increase the number of scholarships we award over the next few years.

To learn more about our accomplishments over the past year and see the names of our loyal donors whose generosity funded the broad range of supports we provide Mitchell Scholars, please review the latest issue of the Mitchell Institute Annual Report, which is presented in a “flip-book” format below.

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